The Czech Republic’s Rising Popularity

Before the end of the Cold War, it was known as Czechoslovakia. In 1968, when the nation attempted to improve it’s freedoms and relations with the West, the Warsaw Pact invaded and forcibly returned it’s strict policies of censorship and prevented the series of reforms that had begun to take place.

When the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union collapsed, the nation became two smaller nations; Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Since then, the Czech Republic has been improving itself in almost every way.

The country has had a history of producing significant scientific advancements, such as the modern day contact lens, the Semtex plastic explosive used across the world by many different groups such as the Israeli special forces, and the Truvada medical treatment for AIDS. Today it is also a member of the European Space Agency and CERN, the European Center for Nuclear Research.

The Czech Republic is also increasing in popularity among tourists. While the common locations for tourists such as Rome, Paris or Madrid are still popular, Prague (The Czech capital) has become the sixth city in Europe most visited because of it’s surprisingly low crime rate and safety for tourists, even at night. There are many attractions as well that are drawing people to Prague, such as puppet festivals, beer festivals and the largest water park on the European continent named Aquapalace Praha is located nearby.

In the near future, the Czech Republic may go from being just another post-Communist state to one the most popular nations in Europe.


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