Hurricane Sandy Approaches the United States

Hurricane Sandy, a category-1 hurricane, has caused massive flooding and rainfall in several states including Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. The hurricane was originally classified as an incredibly strong tropical storm (Causing it’s nickname “Frankenstorm”) until it intensified into the formation of Hurricane Sandy on October 24th.

Damage in some states has been so severe that Delaware, and Washington D.C. was declared a federal disaster area by President Barack Obama. Ocean City, a popular tourist destination on the coast of Maryland, has needed to begin its Emergency Operations Plan. The portion of Interstate-95 that crosses the Susquehanna River was also forced to be closed as well.

According to NOAA, or the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, states that hurricane season in the Atlantic begins on the 1st of June and continues until November 3oth. It also stated that the center of Hurricane Sandy was expected to make landfall at roughly 8:00 PM on October 29th.

To deal with the situation, many states are deploying National Guard forces to aid those in the affected areas, in particular places where electricity and running water have been disrupted by Hurricane Sandy. In Vermont for example, the declaration of a state of emergency allows the local Vermont National Guard to intervene if necessary. The Red Cross is also deploying shelters in affected areas to assist local citizens in states such as Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Readiness is predictably high despite the effects of Hurricane Sandy, as most states that are affected had ordered certain areas evacuated or for a state of emergency be declared, allowing funds and assistance (From organizations such as the Red Cross, the National Guard, etc). However there is currently very few incidents involving loss of life, and it would appear these measures are working to protect the public from Hurricane Sandy.


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