Future Warfare Has Arrived

Despite the popular notion that most weapons found in video games or films about the future of warfare are entirely fictional, it is becoming clear that the technology is already here. Or at least the foundations are being built that can lead to surprising advancements in the near future.

In 2007, a British tank was made invisible by coating the tank in silicon, and utilizing cameras to project whatever images were visible behind the tank to make it blend in to the environment. Surprisingly, British soldiers present were unable to notice the tank while its cameras (And thus it’s “invisibility”) were active. This ability was expected to be placed on tanks capable for combat by the year 2012, though problems in the system’s reliability has prevented this thus far; however, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) in the United States has been developing a similar technology, although it’s status is currently unknown.

Another robotic piece of technology most people would have never imagined is in development is the aptly named “Blob Bot” by iRobot and the University of Chicago. The “Blob Bot” is capable of morphing it’s shape and moving around, with the capability of being able to squeeze through cracks being a major highlight, and is currently being fitted with sensors, making it an extremely unusual surveillance device.

An assault rifle named the Metal Storm Advanced Infantry Combat Weapon (AICW) sets itself apart by rather than the usual system of ammunition being stored in a detachable magazine, the ammunition is stored in the barrel itself. The AICW also includes the Metal Storm 40mm grenade launcher, which also shares this system. It has the appearance of similar 40mm grenade launchers, but actually contains three grenades stacked on each other.

These are just an example of the future advancements in weaponry that can be expected in the near future.


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