The European Union

One of the largest and most influential organizations in the world, the European Union, or the EU, did not have an actual founding, and was only called the European Union after 1993. It began with the Treaty of Paris signed on April 18th, 1951 between the countries of Italy, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and […]

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Chernobyl, Ghost of the Past

The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station, originally known as the V.I. Lenin Nuclear Power Station, was built in 1977 in the Ukrainian SSR (Soviet Socialist Republic) near the border between Ukraine and Belarus. It consisted of four nuclear reactors, with two more planned but never completing construction. Although Reactor #4 had been operating without incident for […]

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The Graney-Class Submarine

The Russian Federation is soon to be deploying a new class of submarine, the Project 885 “Yasen” -class, or “Graney” -class. The “Yasen” (“Ash tree” in Russian) or “Graney” (the NATO designation) has been in development since 2003, when funds ran out and development was postponed until roughly 2010, when it made its first trials […]

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