The Blizzard In Western Pennsylvania

Most Americans have been hearing about the “Polar Vortex” and experiencing the cold weather, but here are some photos of the recent blizzard that affected Greenville, Pennsylvania on February 4th as well as few days afterward. The following photos were taken by this author as the events occurred.

The snowfall began at a time when the sidewalks and roads had been plowed and salted for some time, with the warmer temperatures leading many to believe that the weather was finally going to become warmer and Spring would come to replace the Winter. However, on Feb. 4th the snow began falling later in the evening, continuing for most of the night and leading some (Such as the students of the local Thiel College) to hope that the snow would cause cancellations.

0204142250The first photo was taken on Feb. 4th at 10:51 P.M. around roughly the time it started snowing, and while some indoors were unaware of the new snowfall it became immediately apparent to anyone traveling outside and that it would be snowing for some time.

0205140846The second photograph was taken at 8:46 A.M. on the morning of Feb. 5th, and although it may not be easily visible due to the poor quality of the photographs, it was still snowing since the time the previous photograph had been taken, and the effects of the snowfall were more visible. For example, many roads had not been plowed and (As seen in the photo) snow was beginning to build up on people’s cars.

0205140846aThe third photograph was taken at 8:47 A.M. on the same day as the previous photo, and this time details the vast amounts of snow that had fallen and its effects on the roads. This particular photo was taken near the dorms at Thiel College and showcases how enough snow had fallen to almost make certain parts of the back roads and parking lots indiscernible from the  curbs.

0205141236The fourth and final photograph was taken at 12:37 P.M. on the same day, and shows how even the main roads of Greenville were heavily affected by snow. This photo, despite being taken at midday, still shows how the roads hadn’t been completely plowed by then and had caused some students that commute to Thiel College to take the day off.

The cold weather may not be an issue for some and little more than a story on the Weather Channel, but it can have sudden and drastic effects on local institutions and towns such as Greenville, Pennsylvania. Fortunately, the area has not been as heavily affected as others and there has not been much (If any) snowfall to the degree of the night of Feb. 4th


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