Weather Update From Western PA

In the previous article, it was shown the effects of snow in the area of Greenville, Pennsylvania. This is a follow-up article showing the status of the roads and such. Ironically after the previous article was published, there was heavy snowfall that occurred periodically throughout the week. None of it had the same intensity as the snowfall of February 4th, and had much less of an effect on commuters. The following photos were taken February 15th at roughly 2 P.M. in Greenville near the campus of Thiel College by the author.

Roads were kept clear of slush and snow around the clock, allowing vehicles to travel safely.
Parking lots for college students were kept plowed unlike the snowfall after Feb. 4th, allowing students easier use of their cars.
These paths created by college students were originally nonexistent, but frequent use has caused the snow to pack and harden into two trails of near-ice.
While not easily visible in this photo, the sun was out for most of the day and slowly melted some of the snow, although the temperature has since dropped again.
Although some do not enjoy the snow or the cold, it cannot be ignored that the snowfall does make the area surrounding Thiel College look very pleasant.

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