The Black Bird Of Chernobyl

The meltdown that occurred at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station (which had been covered in a previous article) on April 26th, 1986 was the worst nuclear disaster that the world had ever seen. The radiation produced from the meltdown would affect roughly 63,000 square miles and affect 7 million people in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. […]

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Did The U-28 See A Sea Monster?

World War I, the first war that saw widespread use of modern weaponry such as machine guns and biological agents on the battlefield, also saw the usage of “unrestricted submarine warfare,” when the German Empire attempted to disrupt Allied shipping with submarines. One of these submarines, the SM U-28, was a Type U 27 class […]

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The Japanese KURATAS Mech

While mechs, or robotic suits that are controlled by human pilots are growing in popularity due to science-fiction series such as Titanfall, Gundam or Pacific Rim, an individual in Japan decided to make such a concept a reality. Kogoro Kurata, an artist who was inspired by science fiction as a child, felt that modern robots […]

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