The Japanese KURATAS Mech

While mechs, or robotic suits that are controlled by human pilots are growing in popularity due to science-fiction series such as Titanfall, Gundam or Pacific Rim, an individual in Japan decided to make such a concept a reality. Kogoro Kurata, an artist who was inspired by science fiction as a child, felt that modern robots were too small so he decided to design a giant one himself. While the suit is intended for recreational purposes, it does possess a few nonlethal “weapons” such as a pair of Gatling guns that can fire 6,000 BB’s per minute, a LOHAS launcher that can fire bottles of water, as well as the Iron Crow (a large robotic hand), the Kuratas Hand Gun, and two others coming soon are the “Pilebunker” and the “Organic Rifle.”

If you’re in the mood to purchase your own Kuratas, the price is $1,353,500. However, you can purchase one from anywhere using the Suidobashi Heavy Industry website, where you can even modify your own personal Kuratas using the Build to Order system which even allows you to choose your weapons. Even though Kuratas is quite expensive now, who’s to say that this is not the beginning of a trend in pilot-able  robots? There is already a 15-foot mech built by Yake Hitoshi Takahashi designed like a rhinoceros beetle, or the Land Walker bipedal mech designed by Japanese manufacturer Sakakibara-Kikai. Perhaps the lines between science-fiction and reality are becoming more blurred than previously thought. Due to this increase of mechs being designed, there will likely be similar articles on the previously mentioned robots in the near future.


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