DMT and the Machine Elves

People who take hallucinogenic substances often experience visions based upon their own thoughts and personal experiences. Sometimes, certain substances will produce the same effect regardless of who takes it, such as the Hat Man. One such instance was first discovered by psychonaut Terence McKenna and later corroborated by others who reported not only seeing something, […]

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Antarctic Secrets: Operation Highjump

In the aftermath of World War II, an expedition was launched by the U.S. Navy that was directed towards Antarctica. Event though the mission itself and the units involved were not secret, the operation has since become embroiled in numerous conspiracy theories involving Nazis, UFOs and Antarctica. That mission was Operation Highjump. The stated goals […]

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South Korea’s Raptor Robot

Scientists in South Korea have developed a robot that, despite using cutting-edge technology, bases its design off of a creature that has been extinct for over 70 million years. However, the design has allowed the robot to achieve great speeds, and has led to it being dubbed “the Raptor.” Last year in 2014, scientists at […]

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