Vietnam War: Salt and Pepper

The Vietnam War, like many other wars, is full of myths and legends regarding soldiers who fought there. The problem of deserters and defectors during the Vietnam War was one that became especially prevalent, and one that spawned the legend of Salt and Pepper. Salt and Pepper refers to a pair of soldiers that were […]

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Mystery Airship Sightings

Sightings of strange objects in the sky have been reported since the beginning of time, and have been attributed to anything from angels to aliens to secret aircraft. There was a time however during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s when a wave of strange sightings swept the United States. These weren’t sightings of aliens […]

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Kentucky’s Hopkinsville Goblins

The 1950’s saw a wave of UFO reports and alien sightings. Hollywood produced movies featuring flying saucers invading Earth, the U.S. government’s Project Blue Book was investigating UFOs, and people across America were wondering if aliens were real and being covered up, or simply a product of mass hysteria. Among so many sightings, there was […]

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Indrid Cold, the Grinning Man

Men in Black, or MIB, are sometimes reported by people during periods of UFO or rumored alien activity. People say the MIB could be government agents, others say they could be aliens disguised as humans. Even though no one is sure what they are, it is generally accepted that the MIB are part of a […]

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