Upcoming Package Announcement!

With the current crisis brewing in Ukraine and Crimea, and this blog’s focus on North America and Europe, it only seems appropriate to cover the situation. However, with a situation of this size and the complex political and ethnic factors involved, an article wouldn’t effectively convey enough information, so I will be working on a […]

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Is A Threat Growing In Russia?

The Cold War, the great ideological struggle that divided the world for decades after World War II until the Fall of the Berlin Wall, pitted the United States and NATO against the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact in the greatest arms race the world had ever seen. When the Warsaw Pact dissolved and the […]

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Origins of the Sochi Olympics

With the 2014 Winter Olympics being held in Sochi rapidly approaching, it seems hard to believe that it was selected all the way back in 2007 during the IOC (International Olympic Committee) Session in Guatemala. During this speech in which President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin argued for Sochi to be chosen, he spoke […]

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