South Korea’s Raptor Robot

Scientists in South Korea have developed a robot that, despite using cutting-edge technology, bases its design off of a creature that has been extinct for over 70 million years. However, the design has allowed the robot to achieve great speeds, and has led to it being dubbed “the Raptor.” Last year in 2014, scientists at […]

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Project STAR GATE Revisited

It’s no secret that in their efforts to outdo the other, both the United States and the Soviet Union engaged in some strange research in order to gain the upper hand. The one project that often stands out amongst the others however has become renowned because of its goal to train spies with psychic abilities, […]

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D-Wave Two, The Quantum Computer

D-Wave, the self-proclaimed “Quantum Computing Company,” has developed a computer referred to as D-Wave Two, which according to the company, has the capability to revolutionize science and mathematics, although very few truly understand how it works. The D-Wave Two utilizes “qubits” rather than “bits,” which are the basic units of information when communicating or computing […]

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The KABUTOM RX-03 Mech

Mechs, or giant, pilot-able robots are not particularly widespread in the West, although they are very popular in Japan. So much so that a certain individual decided to spend roughly eleven years building a giant, rhinoceros beetle-shaped mech just because it was his dream. Hitoshi Takahashi, an engineer and machine shop owner who resides in […]

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The Japanese KURATAS Mech

While mechs, or robotic suits that are controlled by human pilots are growing in popularity due to science-fiction series such as Titanfall, Gundam or Pacific Rim, an individual in Japan decided to make such a concept a reality. Kogoro Kurata, an artist who was inspired by science fiction as a child, felt that modern robots […]

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The Hum Heard Around The World

There’s plenty of unexplained phenomena occurring in the skies around the world; from the extremely loud “skyquakes” to seemingly random booms with no apparent source. Such instances have been reported on the news and taken the Internet by storm, but one type of anomaly that has also been heard around the world can’t actually be […]

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