Mertvaya Ruka: Dead Hand

The end of the Cold War brought to many an end to the fears that a nuclear war could erupt at any moment between the United States and the Soviet Union. And while that fear has by and large subsided, there is a relic of the Cold War that could have enacted a nuclear exchange […]

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The Backwards Music Station

Even though the radio was many people’s main form of entertainment for years, it has been slowly falling to the wayside with the introduction of the television and the Internet. Today most use the radio to listen to music while others are amateur HAM radio enthusiasts, although there are still some mysterious broadcasts yet to […]

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Antarctic Secrets: Operation Highjump

In the aftermath of World War II, an expedition was launched by the U.S. Navy that was directed towards Antarctica. Event though the mission itself and the units involved were not secret, the operation has since become embroiled in numerous conspiracy theories involving Nazis, UFOs and Antarctica. That mission was Operation Highjump. The stated goals […]

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Project STAR GATE Revisited

It’s no secret that in their efforts to outdo the other, both the United States and the Soviet Union engaged in some strange research in order to gain the upper hand. The one project that often stands out amongst the others however has become renowned because of its goal to train spies with psychic abilities, […]

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The Russian Woodpecker

As covered in a previous article about number stations, there are an untold number of oddities to be encountered over the airwaves. Sometimes it can be a nonsensical combination of numbers and names like the station UVB-76, or a continuous broadcast of strange noise like the Backwards Music Station. One station, known by several names […]

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