The Hatbox Ghost

The Haunted Mansion is a favorite attraction for many attendees at Disney’s theme parks, each one filled with numerous ghosts and hints as to their varied stories. Of these, there is a notable ghost who, for most of his history, was actually never in the Haunted Mansion, yet went on to have one of the […]

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Disney’s Museum of the Weird

Many fans of Disney who are familiar with Disneyland and Disney World tend to particularly remember the Haunted Mansion as one of their favorite rides. It’s popular enough to have spawned many souvenirs, merchandise and artwork, a poorly-received film adaptation back in 2003 and a film reboot that was announced at Comic-Con in 2010. What […]

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Disneyland’s Club 33

Disneyland, the first Disney theme park located in Anaheim, California officially opened for business on July 17th, 1955. Twelve years after Disneyland’s opening, a club opened that required an impressive fee to even enter, admitted some of the most influential people in industry and Hollywood, and yet many visitors to Disneyland don’t even realize it […]

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