Future Wars: Oil

In the second in a series of articles on future warfare, this article will look at the possibility of wars being fought over the last oil reserves. While it may seem strange at first to fight over oil, it is important to remember petroleum provides 39 percent of the world’s energy consumption. During the Gulf […]

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Future Wars: Rare Earth Elements

Everyone from science fiction writers to military officials have planned on what future conflicts would be, looking at factors ranging from population shifts to dwindling resources. In the first in a series of articles, this will look at the potential for conflict revolving around Rare Earth Elements. To begin, Rare Earth Elements, or REE’s, are […]

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Future Warfare Has Arrived

Despite the popular notion that most weapons found in video games or films about the future of warfare are entirely fictional, it is becoming clear that the technology is already here. Or at least the foundations are being built that can lead to surprising advancements in the near future. In 2007, a British tank was […]

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