The South Korean Unit 684

When a ceasefire to the Korean War was brokered in 1953 between UN and Communist forces, the war didn’t technically end, which caused the Korean Peninsula to remain in a state of war from 1950 through today. While it may not seem as obvious or relevant aside from the occasional threat of North Korea’s nuclear […]

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South Korea’s Raptor Robot

Scientists in South Korea have developed a robot that, despite using cutting-edge technology, bases its design off of a creature that has been extinct for over 70 million years. However, the design has allowed the robot to achieve great speeds, and has led to it being dubbed “the Raptor.” Last year in 2014, scientists at […]

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South Korea’s KAI KF-X

The United States currently maintains several stealth aircraft programs, from the aging F-117 Nighthawk and B-2 Spirit to the F-22 Raptor and the mess that is the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. However, other countries such as the Russian Federation are developing the PAK FA, India developing the HAL FGFA, and the People’s Republic of China […]

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