Did The U-28 See A Sea Monster?

World War I, the first war that saw widespread use of modern weaponry such as machine guns and biological agents on the battlefield, also saw the usage of “unrestricted submarine warfare,” when the German Empire attempted to disrupt Allied shipping with submarines. One of these submarines, the SM U-28, was a Type U 27 class […]

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The Elusive “Quackers”

A major component of the Cold War and the Arms Race was the use of submarines by both NATO and the Soviet Union in an attempt to gain an edge at sea, and ships on each side frequently attempted to track the other side’s submarines. However, a strange phenomena known as “Quackers” were frequently encountered […]

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The Graney-Class Submarine

The Russian Federation is soon to be deploying a new class of submarine, the Project 885 “Yasen” -class, or “Graney” -class. The “Yasen” (“Ash tree” in Russian) or “Graney” (the NATO designation) has been in development since 2003, when funds ran out and development was postponed until roughly 2010, when it made its first trials […]

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Exploring The Mariana Trench

The Mariana Trench, famous for being the deepest area in the Pacific Ocean (Or any ocean, for that matter) has rarely been explored,  the most recent journey being made by director James Cameron in the submersible DeepSea Challenger. The deepest part of the Trench is known as the Challenger Deep, which is reportedly 36,070 feet […]

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