Nazi Secrets: Die Glocke and the Fly Trap

Throughout World War II, the Nazis were engaged in numerous wonder weapon, or wunderwaffe, projects like the V1 missile, V2 rocket, Me 262 jet fighter, and the Landkreuzer P. 1000 super tank. Some, like the Me 262 and the V2, were early examples of technology that would eventually come to revolutionize warfare. Others, like the P. 1000, were intimidating but had little to no real value and were abandoned before even a prototype could be built.

But among UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists, there was a project developed by the Nazis that was even more advanced than any aircraft at the time, or even today. This strange project, code named Die Glocke, has since been connected with a strange, unassuming stone structure in Poland, called the Fly Trap.

Die Glocke
Artist’s representation of Die Glocke

When it comes to aircraft, the Nazis had made numerous breakthroughs such as the Horten Ho 229, which was the first aircraft to combine jet engines, stealth coating and a flying wing design. However, Die Glocke, which is German for “the Bell,” was totally unlike any aircraft that had been developed at the time (or since).


As can be guessed from the name, Die Glocke was shaped like a bell and is believed to have used a method of propulsion that wasn’t jet engines, propellers or rotors. According to eyewitness descriptions of Die Glocke, the craft was made of metal, stood twelve to fifteen feet tall with a diameter of nine feet, and was made up of two cylinders which counter-rotated a purple-colored fluid called “Xerum 525” at high speeds. This Xerum 525 appeared similar to liquid-metal and was reportedly highly radioactive, and was stored in cylinders lined with lead three centimeters thick.

When it was operated, Die Glocke could only run for brief periods of time as it produced large amounts of radiation and EM (electromagnetic) fields, causing several scientists to be killed during the first experiment. It is believed Die Glocke may have been developed as an advanced aircraft, though some conspiracy theorists claim Die Glocke may have also been capable of time travel.

The information regarding Die Glocke first came to light in 2000, when Polish journalist Igor Witkowski claimed he had been able to access transcripts of an interrogation of SS officer Jakob Sporrenberg by Polish authorities before Sporrenberg’s execution in 1952.

Fly Trap
The Fly Trap

An alleged piece of evidence toward the existence of Die Glocke, aside from Witkowski’s claims, is a simplistic concrete structure nicknamed “the Fly Trap,” or “the Henge” in some sources. Located near the Czech border and the entrance to the Wenceslas Mine in Poland, the structure is believe to have been a testing area or some kind of containment structure for experiments involving Die Glocke. Some sources suggest the Fly Trap is in actuality the remains of a water tower, but it is unlikely resources such as concrete would have been used instead of wood during the rationing of World War II.


The Fly Trap was also located about two miles away from the Complex Sokolec, near Sokolec, Poland. The Complex Sokolec was a part of Project Riese (“Riese” meaning “giant” in German), which aimed to develop seven large underground structures in Poland. The project was never completed and its exact purpose is still unknown, though some theories suggest it was intended for arms manufacturing.

However, Die Glocke isn’t the only “Nazi UFO” that was being developed during World War II.

One of Schauberger’s repulsine enines

Austrian naturalist and inventor Viktor Schauberger was sent to a concentration camp where he was forced by the SS to develop his “repulsine” engine, that was supposedly able to fly upwards by creating a vortex. It is unknown how exactly how successful Schauberger’s project was or if any saucer crafts were developed from it.

Another saucer craft, the V7, was supposedly being developed by German engineer Richard Miethe. The craft was comprised of twelve turbine jet engines, dispersed at equal distances inside a moving metal ring which turned around the central mass, producing no visible smoke or flames. Supposedly successful test flights were conducted over the Baltic Sea, and Hitler ordered the V7 be mass-produced after Gen. George Patton’s forces crossed the Rhine River.

Speaking to the French newspaper France-Soir in 1952, Miethe claimed the Soviets managed to capture three of his colleagues in the V7 program and the V7’s engines when the Soviets captured the facilities at Breslau, Germany, now Wrocław, Poland.

“I therefore assert, that if flying saucers are in the skies, they were built in Germany, as developed under my orders, and probably reproduced by Germans in chains in Soviet captivity,” Miethe said.

But what happened to Die Glocke, or other potential disc-aircraft being developed by the Nazis after the war?

Task Force 68
A patch for Task Force 68

Some conspiracy theorists believe a secret base was established by the Nazis in Antarctica, where surviving Nazis (and possibly Hitler) fled to after the war. The subsequent Operation: Highjump in 1946 is believed by some to have been an American effort to track down and eliminate the Nazis’ last stronghold, though the operation was officially an exploration mission. However, some claim the mission encountered Nazi resistance and UFO’s, and Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd later made strange comments regarding the need to guard against “hostile planes coming from the polar regions.”

Others believe if the Nazis actually did succeed in developing UFO’s or advanced aircraft, the projects and accompanying scientists would have been snatched up by either the United States or the Soviet Union as the Cold War began.

Hans Kammler, the SS general in charge of Project Riese, as well as the facilities for the Me-262 jet fighter, V2 rocket, and other “advanced” projects such as Die Glocke, essentially disappeared at the end of the war. There were many claims that Kammler had been killed or committed suicide, but no official grave or death was ever determined. However, some believe Kammler may have escaped to the U.S. or elsewhere with Die Glocke about a Junkers Ju-390 transport aircraft.

Ju 390
A Junkers Ju-390 on the runway

One claim suggests that a Ju-390 was painted pale blue with Swedish Air Force markings, and took off from Schweidnitz (near Breslau) for Bodo, Norway in 1945, containing Die Glocke. Later Argentinian records claim a multi-engine German aircraft landed in an airbase in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from Dakhla, Morocco, on May 2, 1945, where the aircraft unloaded something referred to as “the Bell.” Others believe Kammler would have used his knowledge of the advanced projects under his control as leverage when he eventually defected to the Americans, which means Die Glocke would have likely ended up in the United States.

There are those who believe the theory that Die Glocke ended up in the United States can be supported by a UFO sighting referred to as the “Kecksburg UFO” or the “Kecksburg Incident.”

On Dec. 9, 1965, thousands of people from six states and Ontario, claimed they saw a fireball streaking across the sky before crashing in the woods near Kecksburg, Pennsylvania. Officially the object was a “mid-sized meteorite,” which was soon secured by the U.S. military before being taken away on a truck. However, residents who claimed to reach the site before the military described the object as a bronze-colored “acorn” about the size of a Volkswagen Beetle, with odd inscriptions along the side similar to Egyptian hieroglyphics. Some residents later claimed to have been visited by Men in Black, who urged the witnesses to remain quiet about the event.

Kecksburg UFO
A statue of the UFO in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania

While the Kecksburg Incident was immediately believed to have been a crashed UFO, the revelation of Die Glocke has lead some theorists to believe the object was actually either a version of Die Glocke captured and reproduced by the Americans, or Die Glocke having time traveled from World War II to 1965, though the former is more likely than the latter.

While the idea of the Americans reproducing a “Nazi UFO” may initially seem far-fetched, Operation: Paperclip was established following World War II to bring thousands of German and ex-Nazi scientists and engineers to the United States. One project in particular, the Horton Ho. 229 fighter bomber, was captured by American forces and looks extremely similar to the later B-2 stealth bomber.

However, this is not the only incident in which it was theorized a UFO was actually German reverse-engineered technology. The documentary UFOs in the Third Reich claims the UFO which crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, was also Die Glocke. And in the years following World War II throughout the 50’s and 60’s, many people reported being abducted or encountering aliens who looked human and had German accents.

So overall, what is the final verdict of Die Glocke? Was some time traveling UFO, or merely an advanced aircraft designed during World War II? The truth is, there may never be a concrete answer as to whether Die Glocke existed.

Some sources claim Die Glocke was the pinnacle of secret Nazi engineering, while other sources claim the Nazis had an array of different UFO’s of various types. Others claim the Nazis were the descendants of secret societies such as the Lodge of the Luminious Vril or the Thule Society that had access to “long lost ancient knowledge,” while others claim the Nazis reverse-engineered crashed UFOs or even had contact with aliens or entities from the “Hollow Earth.”

Horton Ho 229
An artist’s representation of the Ho. 229

If the Nazis did have such a fleet of saucer crafts, it is a wonder that the Nazis weren’t able to defeat the Allies, although Dwight D. Eisenhower himself said in his book Crusade in Europe that the Nazis were within six months of developing technology that could have won them the war. Even if Die Glocke is a hoax, the many jets, rockets and other advanced weapons developed by the Nazis do show that even though Germany lost the war, they pioneered many of the weapons which came to dominate modern warfare.


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